We personalize every travel experience for our clients from hotels, to guides, to entire itineraries.


We are continuing to grow!! As we prepare for our exciting expansion into France later this year (October 2024) we are actively investing in that marketplace starting immediately. We are now hiring several positions. We’re on the lookout for candidates with destination experience in France and would love candidates who also have knowledge of the UK and Ireland. While this criterion is preferred, it is not critical. We offer both senior and entry-level roles, and we’re eager to welcome kind, driven team members to our growing company.

We hope there might be a perfect fit for you or someone you know. We are committed to growth so we can better serve our clients and partners. We are excited for the next chapter of Celebrated Experiences, and we are investing in new talent who share our goal of being the very best in the world at delivering the most exceptional, meaningful travel experiences in the destinations we love.

These new openings range from leadership roles to entry level positions, as we scale up our Travel Design Teams, and we are looking for detail-oriented superstars to bring further excellence to our itinerary design.

We are eager to welcome kind, dynamic new team members. These jobs are challenging with opportunities for growth, and you will be working alongside the best talent in our industry. If you or anyone you know would be interested in the positions described below, please:

  1. Email your CV/resumé to joinourteam@celebratedexperiences.com. In the subject line, please note the position you desire.
  2. Include a cover letter sharing why you believe you are the perfect fit for Celebrated Experiences.

We offer extensive training for each role and are deeply loyal and committed to those who choose to join our growing team. In 2019, we had fewer than 30 employees, and even through a pandemic, we have grown to over 50. We understand it is all about our people.

We are excited to welcome the next wave of talent to Team Celebrated!

TRAVEL DESIGN DIRECTOR (Expertise strongly preferred in at least one of these destinations: Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland, and France) 

Description: This destination expert directly engages with clients and designs dream itineraries. In this role, you will manage an assistant and/or coordinator as you listen, collaborate, design, and finalize personalized itineraries that make people’s dreams come true. You will book an array of curated, annually-inspected hotels, exceptional guides, and unique experiences. Strong relationship skills are critical as you will nurture deep partnerships with our clients, hotels, guides, and experience partners as you design vivid, life-changing itineraries. 

The Ultimate Candidate: You are a travel industry ninja with significant experience in itinerary design, hotel bookings, and concierge services. You have at least a moderate level of expertise in at least one of our current destinations and/or France. You must have curiosity and a hunger to learn more as your on-the-job education depends on a combination of your own initiative and our internal training. At Celebrated you would be joining a team of other passionate colleagues working to become greater experts every day. A successful Director is a leader and hungry to join a team of kind self-starters with an entrepreneurial spirit who will work just as hard as you. You love assisting clients and find joy in delivering gracious, generous service. You have significant experience multi-tasking while handling an extreme volume of work under very tight deadlines. You love crushing personal and company-wide goals. Passionate about travel and always curious to learn more, you are eager for the opportunity to participate in at least one Celebrated Inspection Tour each year to further your destination expertise. 

Location: This position can be based in one of our offices or remote. 


Description: This position plays a central, administrative role on a 2 or 3-person travel design team, applying extreme organizational skills to ensure the team runs with maximum efficiency, collaborating to deliver breathtaking itineraries for clients. Successful applicants are passionate about technology and innovation, utilizing top-of-the-line software and organizational skills to keep on top of all team itineraries. You will support your Travel Design Director and delegate to your team’s Assistant, while serving as their professional mentor. Our annual inspection tours are a critical part of our training, and you will participate in one destination visit per year in this role. 

The Ultimate Candidate: You have spent a few years in the travel industry and are ready for your next opportunity to show off your extreme attention to detail. This can also be an excellent role for someone who has not worked in travel but has elite organizational experience in another client-facing industry with significant volume – especially in luxury sales. You are the ultimate multi-tasker, juggling details of dozens of client trips in the glorious pursuit of making people’s travel dreams come true. It makes you happy when goals are exceeded – not just your own, but your team and the company’s goals as well. You love working under tight deadlines, exceeding expectations, and knocking off items from your to-do list. 

Location: This position can be based in one of our offices or remote. 


Description: This key entry-level position works through an array of tasks each day to ensure their travel design team delivers the most complete, accurate, and comprehensive proposals while also preparing our clients’ final documents. Many of our current Travel Design Directors started as an Assistant and built a career with our company. The key to climbing the ladder is having a legitimate commitment to perfection, working quickly under tight deadlines, following process, and building expertise over time. We view the Assistant role as the start of an exciting career, not just a “job”. This is a brilliant opportunity to play a critical administrative support role on a winning Travel Design Team. You’ll utilize software to build quotes, design proposals, make bookings, and accessorize itineraries with fun experiences that our clients will always remember. Depending on your growth, you may have the opportunity to join one of our Celebrated Inspection Tours.

The Ultimate Candidate: Good news! You just found the beginning of your career path in the luxury travel industry by joining one of the world’s most respected travel companies. You have been looking for the best way to break into the luxury travel industry, or you might already have some travel industry experience but are seeking a more professional platform. While hungry to grow, you are patient and understand that it takes time to become one of the world’s leading destination experts. You will be surrounded by a supportive team, committed to your education, growth, and leadership development. This job is for you if you are one of the few people with a Level 10 attention to detail who can also work quickly. You are hungry for a large volume of work and love hitting tight deadlines. If you are challenged by multi-tasking this job is likely not right for you as there will be a variety of assignments every day. Successful applicants love working on a team, crave feedback, are eager to grow, and are extremely goal oriented.

Location: This position can be based in one of our offices or remote.