We personalize every travel experience for our clients from hotels, to guides, to entire itineraries.


Experience Our Favorite Regions

There are so many regions to experience in England. You could spend a week in London alone, visiting its iconic highlights such as Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, The British Museum, the London Eye, its dozens of art museums and galleries, charming markets and of course its sensational Michelin Star restaurants and historic pubs. Our other favorite destinations within England are The Cotswolds, Bath, Sussex, The New Forest, Devon and Dartmoor National Park, Cornwall, The Lake District, Yorkshire and Dorset.

Let Us Personalize Your Journey

While we love personalizing Celebrated Journeys that give a taste of many types of experiences, we can also design very specialized itineraries. We can focus an entire itinerary around any of these themes: Gardens; Art; Literature (Jane Austen, Shakespeare, The English Poets and more); History; Film Locations (Harry Potter, James Bond, Dr. Who, Sherlock Holmes, etc); Culinary Experiences; as well as genealogy.

Explore the Majesty of Wales

We have been so thrilled by the surge in demand for Wales in recent years. With far more sheep than people, Wales is one of the world’s most peaceful and scenic destinations. It is also home to many of the world’s most historic and unique castles. There are so many great Welsh castles to explore but a few of our favorites are Caernarfon, Conwy, Beaumaris and Harlech.

Put Us to Work!

The bottom line is that every traveler is special and the goal of each trip is unique. Every itinerary we create at Celebrated Experiences is individually tailored, and we are eager to get busy customizing the perfect itinerary.