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When Rosewood London opened in 2013 few knew how quickly this would become one of the world’s greatest 5-star hotels. From the moment the guests arrived, it quickly became a favorite with extraordinary suites, one of the hottest bars in London and one of the best entrances of any hotel we have visited. So much more than just a great hotel with warm, friendly service and lovely rooms, we love the food and beverage experiences here!

In a city with so many trendy, innovative and award-winning restaurants and bars, Rosewood London has helped set the standard for the modern city hotel.

You know it’s a great hotel bar when it is dominated by locals, and Scarfes Bar is exactly that. Named for Gerald Scarfe, the walls are dominated by his famous caricatures of famous British figures. I am a huge Pink Floyd fan, so I first fell in love with Scarfe’s work from The Wall’s album art. I think the choice of Scarfe is so perfect as the hotel is all about the quirky, fun and hip side of England…definitely not the stuffy England that people too often expect. The bar is truly a “drawing room” for the 21st century with comfortable furniture you can sink into for hours. The cocktail menu is creative, and drinks are made by artisan mixologists who consider each pour a work of art. There is music every night which adds to the buzz and energy of the space. I love staying at Rosewood because you can simply enjoy the hotel bar to get a great taste of modern London! And who doesn’t love exceptional bar food? Scarfes menu is a selection of modern street food influenced by Britain’s colonial past. Authentic, simple dishes include kebabs, salads, curries, vegetarian options and many fun Indian delicacies. I love the fusion of British pub food with Indian bar snacks.

London’s largest gin bar can be found at Holborn Dining Room which is also located at Rosewood London. There is no better spot to sample the diversity of Britain’s vibrant craft gin scene with over 400 gins and more than 30 types of tonic! This is a lovely spot to experience the classic British menu with locally sourced products. Like Scarfes, this is a favorite of locals, and I love the buzz here.

The biggest news is Rosewood London’s new Art Afternoon Tea designed by the hotel’s Executive Pastry Chef, Mark Perkins. He has made 5 pastries inspired by five iconic artists: Yayoi Kusama; Alexander Calder; Mark Rothko; Damien Hirst; and Banksy.

Even things that should be ordinary are extraordinary such as the room service and elaborate breakfast. Our clients always receive complimentary breakfast and even a special treat delivered to the room compliments of the hotel’s culinary team. The joy of Celebrated Perks!

Rosewood London is one of the capital’s best 5-star values, especially for families. We love the connecting room options and easily configured 2-bedroom suites. The hotel often has terrific specials which encourage longer lengths of stay to explore London. The hotel’s location, steps from Covent Garden, is central to exploring the best of new and old London.

We are here to answer any of your questions about Rosewood London. Could this be your new London oasis?