We personalize every travel experience for our clients from hotels, to guides, to entire itineraries.


We’re Hiring! We have FOUR exciting openings ranging from positions in Sales & Client Engagement to Itinerary Design! There are both senior and entry level roles available. We are so eager to welcome kind, driven team members to our growing company. If you or anyone you know would be interested in these opportunities, please:

  • Email your CV/resumé to info@celebratedexperiences.com
  • Please include a cover letter sharing what position you are applying for, and why you believe you are a great fit.

Once hired, you will be trained by a member of our team and set up for maximum success!


Description: This position directly engages with Luxury Travel Advisors to design dream itineraries for their clients. In this role, you will lead a team as you work together to design personalized itineraries (utilizing our proprietary technology and innovative software). You will book an array of curated, 4 and 5-star annually-inspected hotels, wonderful guides, and unique experiences. You’ll develop strong relationships with our clients, hotels, guides, and experience partners as you design creative, vivid itineraries.

The Ultimate Candidate: You’re a travel industry ninja with significant experience in itinerary design, hotel bookings, and concierge services. You’re looking for a new opportunity and yearn to join a passionate team of kind people that work just as hard as you. You’re a leader who is excited to manage an eager team, and you find great joy delivering gracious, generous customer service. You have significant experience multi-tasking while handling an extreme volume of work under tight deadlines. You love personal and company-wide goals and smashing through targets. Passionate about travel, you are eager for the opportunity to participate in at least one Celebrated Inspection Tour each year to further your destination expertise.Compensation: Salary Depending on Experience + Bonus + Benefits

Location: This position can be based in one of our offices or remote.


Description: This position plays the central, administrative role on a 2 or 3-person travel design team, applying extreme organizational skills to ensure the team runs with maximum efficiency, working together to deliver breathtaking itineraries for clients. Successful applicants are passionate about technology and innovation and will utilize our proprietary technology to keep on top of all of your team’s itineraries. You will work closely with your team’s Travel Design Director and mentor your team’s Assistant. Our annual inspection tours are a critical part of our training, and you will participate in one destination visit per year in this role.

The Ultimate Candidate: You’ve spent a few years in the travel industry and are ready for your next opportunity to show off your next level attention to detail. This is also an excellent role for someone who has not worked in travel but has elite organizational experience in another client-facing industry – especially in luxury sales. You are the ultimate multi-tasker, juggling details of dozens of client trips in the glorious pursuit of making people’s travel dreams come true. It makes you happy when goals are exceeded – not just your own, but your team and the company’s goals as well. You love working under tight deadlines, exceeding expectations, and knocking out items on your to-do list.

Compensation: Salary Depending on Experience + Bonus + Benefits

Location: This position can be based in one of our offices or remote.


Description: Good news! You just found your path into the exciting luxury travel industry by joining one of the world’s most elite travel companies. In a meaningful way, this position works on the same administrative tasks that every Travel Design Director once did. We all start somewhere, but you won’t just be helping with critical needs, you will learn every step of the way. This is hopefully the start of an exciting career, not just a “job”. This is a brilliant opportunity to play a critical support role on one of our Travel Design Teams. You’ll utilize our technology and software to design proposals, make bookings in our reservation system, and accessorize itineraries with fun experiences that our clients will always remember. Depending on growth in the position, you may have the opportunity to join our team on Celebrated Inspection Tours.

The Ultimate Candidate: You are looking to break into the luxury travel industry, or you have some travel industry experience but are looking for MORE. You’ve been looking for an exciting career and want to join a team that is committed to your education, growth, and leadership development. You must be able to work quickly through a large volume of work with an extreme eye for detail, while multi-tasking on a wide variety of assignments. You love working on a team, are eager to learn and grow, crave feedback, and are extremely goal oriented.

Compensation: Salary Depending on Experience + Bonus + Benefits

Location: This position can be based in one of our offices or remote.


Description: This position will direct the outreach and education efforts to our travel advisor clients, ensuring the balanced growth we are aiming for as a business. Utilizing data and analytic tools, you will ensure our current and future clients have the tools they need to excel and are given the best support in the world. We are deeply customer-service driven but also highly focused on cultivating the right client. The successful applicant will become an expert in our CRM software and onboard all new travel advisor clients to ensure that they are a good fit for our solutions and tools. Critical to the role, this leader will be responsible for writing informative and engaging content for multiple platforms including email marketing, website, press releases and social media.  The role will work closely with the Chief Client Engagement Officer in producing our interactive virtual presentation programs. Finally, this position collaborates closely with our Director of Sales to ensure our busy Sales Tour/Road Show Calendar is optimized for success.

The Ultimate Candidate: You have thrived in the luxury travel industry and are eager to bring your experience and skills to a leadership position at Celebrated Experiences. You are hyper-detailed and organized, have exceptional writing skills and are giddy to share your creativity through our social media and virtual events. You crave joining a winning team and would love to share our company’s special story with clients and potential clients. You excel in a fast-paced environment and love coming up with new client engagement ideas. You love studying data to create greater efficiencies and better targeting.

Compensation: Salary Depending on Experience + Bonus + Benefits

Location: This position can be based in one of our offices or remote.