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Every traveler is unique, and we ensure that each hotel, each guide, each itinerary, and every experience matches a traveler’s distinct preferences. We listen and then get busy personalizing.

Our clients are the most elite travel agents in the world, seeking the very best for their demanding clientele.  Call us at 800.322.2403 or email us to personalize a travel experience in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

We hope you enjoy learning more about our Celebrated Hotels, Celebrated Journeys, and Celebrated Chauffers and Guides.

"In my 36 years in the travel business, there are but a handful of companies who have risen above the mark to make travel arrangements happen with ease and style. Preston and his team at Celebrated is one of these operations. This company has excelled by specializing in England, Scotland and Ireland and they know every property, have hand picked drivers, and constantly update and review those they represent. Their documentation is 5-star. What a treat to call Celebrated."
— Stanley Rhodes, Linden Travel, New York, NY

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